Fox Movies Premium HD FAQ

What happens (happened) to Star Movies HD?

Star Movies HD has evolved into a new channel called Fox Movies Premium HD.  Not only will you still get the biggest Hollywood blockbuster movies, now you get even more: original series, live events, concerts and award-winning documentaries. 

What is FOX Movies Premium (FMP) HD?

Fox Movies Premium HD is the upgrade of Star Movies HD.  It’s a new type of channel where you will get not only all the Hollywood blockbuster hits you love but also original series, live events, concerts and award-winning documentaries.  FMP HD comes with Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Launched by Asia’s largest network of channels, Fox International Channels, and supported by one of the world’s biggest movie studios, 20th Century Fox, Fox Movies Premium features an unmatched, diverse range of programs designed for our viewers.

How will FOX Movies Premium HD be different from Star Movies HD?

In addition to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters you had on Star Movies, FOX Movies Premium HD will now also add original series, live events, concerts and award-winning documentaries.

Subscribers will also be able to access movies On Demand online or through their set-top box through the Fox Movies Play service.

Do I have a choice between Star Movies HD and FOX Movies Premium HD?

No - Star Movies HD has evolved into the bigger and better Fox Movies Premium HD.  If you like Star Movies HD, you will love FOX Movies Premium HD. 

Why did they change Star Movies HD to Fox Movies Premium HD?

Star Movies HD is already a well-loved channel but we wanted to improve the TV viewing experience even more.  So we have upgraded the channel to Fox Movies Premium HD, with a new look and a wider variety of programs all carefully selected to suit the tastes of our viewers.

What’s the difference between FOX Movies Premium HD and HBO HD?

Fox Movies Premium HD is a revolutionary new approach to the movie channel genre.  We know that our loyal viewers demand more than just the best movies, so we have created an incredible next-generation channel.

No other channel has the best movies and also original series, live events, concerts and award-winning documentaries. Don’t worry about getting less of the movies you love so much—they’re not going anywhere—but now we’ll also give you a taste of other amazing content so you can stay ahead of the entertainment curve.

And in some countries, Fox Movies Premium viewers can watch the best of the channel online and On Demand through the amazing Fox Movies Play service.

What content will FOX Movies Premium HD provide?  

The content on Fox Movies Premium HD has been carefully chosen to fit the tastes of our viewers, showcasing not just Hollywood blockbusters but also award-winning series, live events and acclaimed documentaries. Please refer to our monthly highlights for reference.

Will there be less movies on the channel?


What is the ratio of movies to the new content?

Fox Movies Premium HD is committed to offering the best of Hollywood, and the content will remain over 90% movies. 

How do you add more content but keep the same amount of movies?  There’s only 24 hours in a day!

We have carefully adjusted the schedule to cram as much premium content as possible without losing any of your favorite blockbuster movies.

Will FOX Movies Premium HD have commercials? Will FOX Movies Premium HD have commercial breaks?

FOX Movies Premium HD will not interrupt the movie with commercial breaks.

Will FOX Movies Premium HD only have FOX movies?

No.  While FOX Movies Premium HD has a direct line to the legendary 20th Century FOX, the channel will broadcast the biggest Hollywood blockbusters from all major studios. 

What new features will FOX Movies Premium HD offer?

Online Movie Player that allows subscribers to watch movies ON DEMAND.

Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

How can I get/use these new features?

Fox Movies Premium Play is a free service. It will be available by 16 January 2012 to Cignal Plan 490 and up subscribers only. Account registration online at is required.

I don’t care about the new features, and am only concerned about watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Just like Star Movies HD, FOX Movies Premium HD guarantees the best Hollywood blockbusters.

Will I be charged more for FMP HD?


What time exactly will the switch over from Star Movies HD to Fox Movies Premium HD happen on January 1, 2012? What show will that be?

FMP HD will switch at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 2012, 00:00:00.  We will launch with TRON: LEGACY.  This is preceded by the original 1982 TRON, the final film of Star Movies HD.  With the latest TRON, we usher in a new era of premium TV…


Fox Movies Play FAQ

What is Fox Movies Play?

Fox Movies Play (FMP) is an innovative, value added service Fox Movies offers at no additional cost to its premium package subscribers, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the best Fox Movies content on internet connected devices.

What devices will Fox Movies Play work on?

FMP will initially work on internet connected computers (PC and Mac) and in short time will work on many other connected devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc.

Is Fox Movies Play a pay or subscription service?

No. It is a value added, on-demand service that allows you watch the best of Fox Movies’ content on many broadband connected devices.

What do I need to access Fox Movies Play?

FOX Movies Play is open to Cignal subscribers on Postpaid Plan 490 and higher. It is also available to PLDT Fibr and myDSL Triple Play subscribers (with the FOX Movies Premium HD channel on their plan).

To register, just go to the FOX Movies Play page on the Cignal website:

  • On the Cignal website menu, click “Subscribe” then select “FOX Movies Play” from the dropdown menu. This will to lead you to more information about the FOX Movies Premium channel and a registration link for FOX Movies Play.

To log-on, just go to the FOX Movies Play site:

  • On the FOX Movies Play website, you will be shown the movies which are currently being shown on the FOX Movies Premium channel.  Once you select the content you would like to watch, FOX Movies Play will prompt you to enter the e-mail address and password which was provided by Cignal during account registration.
  • In addition to watching the movies, you can write your own reviews, like these on your Facebook page or share a link with your Twitter followers.

Do I need to install any programs to connect to Fox Movies Play?

What security features does Fox Movies Play have?

  • Only one login/password per subscription household is allowed
  • One session per user is allowed at the same time
  • Once logged in, each session lasts a maximum of 24 hours
  • Content protection is included to prevent unauthorized usage
  • Content is hosted and streamed by Akamai to ensure the best viewing experience possible
  • Content can only be viewed within the territory where the content is licensed

What content does Fox Movies Play offer?

FMP offers the best of its movie content from major Studios such as Disney, 20th Century FOX, and others, as well as exclusive, original productions such as The Walking Dead.

Is Fox Movies Play’s image quality similar to the TV screen?

Yes, and the player automatically adjusts to the fastest broadband connection speed possible. The player is designed such that it plays smoothly without buffering, and allows the viewer to pause, fast forward, rewind, view in full screen mode, and also remembers where you left off to finish viewing a title in another session.

All audio-visual material is hosted and distributed through Akamai network, leading company on Internet video transmission. This allows Fox Movies to maximize the availability of its content, and make sure it will be efficiently and quickly delivered to users.

How long will content be available on Fox Movies Play?

Content will first premier on Fox Movies, and then will be made available on FMP for a variable period of time, based on the license period and viewer interest.

What can I do to improve my Fox Movies Play experience?

FMP is designed to provide the best possible viewing experience, and will automatically detect and adjust to the fast broadband connection possible.

You can also do the following to maximize your FMP experience:

  • Close other applications on your PC while watching content
  • If the image freezes, rewind and allow to play again
  • Use during times of lower internet demand/usage
  • Use a wired connection if possible